1st October 2020

Lubrizol expands acrylic emulsion capacity

Lubrizol expands acrylic emulsion capacity

Lubrizol Corp.'s Performance Coatings business has added new acrylic emulsion capacity at its manufacturing facility in Antwerp, Belgium. The facility manufactures resin technologies for the paint and coatings, graphic arts, engineered paper, textile and other industries under such brand names as Hycar, Carboset and Printrite.

The new capacity is key to meeting the demands of customers throughout Europe that require specialized, high-performance technologies for differentiated resin performance.

“Over the past 18 months, new reactors have been installed,” said Ivo Van Aken, Lubrizol’s Antwerp plant manager. “This was done to replace older equipment and also to increase our production capabilities, allowing us to address new market demand.”

“For Lubrizol's customers, the new acrylic emulsion capabilities provide greater flexibility to manufacture customized solutions that meet very specific performance requirements,” noted Tom Keir, Lubrizol’s director of product management. “It also allows our global customers to access the same technologies in Europe as are available in other parts of the world. This helps them simplify operations and improve global efficiencies.”