12th November 2018

Dulux Paints by PPG offers trending paint color inspiration

Dulux Paints by PPG is offering trending paint color inspiration in the name of two deep greens it has labeled its 2019 Colors of the Year. Night Watch is a deep green-black from the brand’s new color collection, and Mojito Shimmer is a glistening, frosted dark green from the Dulux Effects Finishes VENETIAN SILK collection. 

“Both of these colors represent the ultimate in luxe, delivering a rich, striking look that brings sophistication and depth to living spaces,” says Martin Tustin-Fuchs, PPG brand manager, DuluxPaints by PPG. “An evolution from last year’s popular tinted black, these glamourous dark greens are symbolic of consumers’ desire for positive change – to move from darkness to twilight and to search for an element of rebirth in today’s complex, technologically-driven world.” 

According to Tustin-Fuchs, Mojito Shimmer is the perfect complement to Night Watch as it features a lustrous, frosty-green coating that adds class and wow factor to walls. 

“There is nothing else like Mojito Shimmer on the market,” Tustin-Fuchs says adding the finish is made from new technology infused with light-reflecting color. Available in 40 colors, the final finish is a silky layered effect that is smooth to the touch, creating a multi-toned and luminous surface that adds depth to walls.