22nd October 2020


Gema recently introduced its new OptiFlex Pro Series of manual spray units. The company says OptiFlex Pro provides the highest charging power in the industry at 110,000 V / 110 µA using PowerBoost technology, allowing for a faster and more efficient powder coating process.

Gema says customers can achieve greater productivity by optimizing the coating process, increasing total powder coverage and achieving quicker best-in-class finishes. Comprehensive, real-time management of the powder application can be accomplished from the palm of your hand through the total connectivity offered by the Gema E-App.

The OptiFlex Pro is available in a variety of different models, offering the versatility to satisfy a wide range of powder application requirements. Standard features include:

  • A lightweight, ergonomically designed OptiSelect Pro spray gun with on-gun remote control
  • PowerBoost technology offering the highest powder charging capacity available at 110,000 V / 110 µA
  • Intuitive OptiStar 4.0 control interface to manage application parameters
  • Gema E-App for real-time productivity information and analysis through connectivity
  • OptiFlow injector or OptiSpray application pump for optimized and precise powder delivery control
  • Assortment of nozzles offering a range of spray patterns and characteristics