28th October 2020


Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corp., has launched a new packaging concept implemented at its Havre de Grace,
MD, precipitated amorphous silica production facility. The multi-million dollar packaging system replaces paper bags with a conversion to more robust polyethylene bags. The improved bags offer 
stronger tensile strength, minimization of nuisance dust and greater control of moisture to maintain the integrity of the material inside.

Elimination of trapped air within each bag yields excellent stacking for more stable pallets during shipment, unloading, and warehousing.
The new packaging is also easily recyclable, which is integral to Huber’s commitment to sustainability.

“Our investment in this area is in direct response to increasing customer and regulatory needs for stronger and more secure packaging,”
says Jon Fecteau, global director of product management for Huber’s silica business unit. “Not only do the polyethylene bags offer
superior performance, they also provide increased printing and labeling options. We are pleased to be able to provide this best in
market option for many of our high quality silica products.”

The new packaging platform is being introduced systematically across the globe with equipment in place for select production facilities in
the European and Americas regions. The company intends to introduce it in Asia in 2017.