23rd April 2019


PPG Industries’ coil and building products – exterior coatings group has become the only North American licensee for Kynar ADS II polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin.This is made by Arkema Inc., and is a key ingredient in Duranar ADS (air-dry system) coatings by PPG.

Designed for touching up fluoropolymer-finished coatings on architectural metals damaged during production or field installation, Duranar ADS coatings are a high-performance alternative to touch-up paint materials such as acrylic lacquers that do not offer the same levels of chalk and fade resistance due to their less robust resin chemistries.

Brian Knapp, PPG director, coil and building products, said the licensing agreement creates clarity for customers seeking a touch-up material for metal building components finished with Duranar coatings.

“The need for on-site repair is common with window frames, door frames and metal walls and roofs that are nicked or scratched during production, shipping or installation on the job site,” he explained. “With this licensing agreement and the development of Duranar ADS coatings, customers have a single-source touch-up paint based on resin chemistry that is virtually identical to the original, factory-applied Duranar coating to ensure color consistency and long-term color and gloss retention.”

Recently developed by Arkema, Kynar ADS II resin equals original Kynar 500 resin in terms of weatherability and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light, salt spray, humidity, acid rain and other hazards, yet it enables PPG to formulate these ADS coatings as a touch-up paint that can be applied by fingernail brush or aerosol spray.

PPG recommends using Duranar ADS coatings exclusively for repairing factory-applied Duranar coatings because maintenance coatings based on other resin chemistries will chalk or fade prematurely, Knapp said.

DuranarADS coatings are available exclusively through Nanochem Technologies.