20th June 2019


Global coating resins-maker, Royal DSM, today announced the launch of a new product. The company says Hybrane CY235 is well suited to the ACE, general industrial and car refinish metal coating industries and will enable enhanced coatings performance, higher throughput and reduced energy consumption.
A spin-off of CY245, Hybrane CY235 uses lower curing temperature as well as offers good adhesion, VOC friendliness and faster drying.
Unlike some high solid acrylic resins, which typically require forced drying conditions at 60 C for 30 minutes, Hybrane CY235 only requires a curing temperature of 40 C. In this way, Hybrane CY235 can deliver energy savings of up to 48 percent compared to standard alternatives.
The faster drying possibilities means the resin also shortens the spray booth cycle time by 20 percent. These operational benefits in no way compromise the performance of Hybrane CY235, the company says, which delivers excellent hardness, a high-quality appearance with distinctiveness of image, and high reactivity without compromising on pot life.
“Moving forward, we will continue to develop our Hybrane proposition in line with market demand,” says Ap Heijenk, Industry Manager Industrial Metal & Plastic at DSM. “In particular, we will channel our development efforts to deliver Hybrane products for an even wider range of industries and also extending the application to different substrates like plastic and wood. We’re confident that our Hybrane technology will open up new coating horizons in terms of sustainability and processability.”