17th February 2020


Microcolor Dispersions is looking to hire a skilled paint technician (NOC 2211).


-  post-secondary education in chemistry plus at least 3 years of related experience in duties below

-  experience in paints, pigmentation, coatings, epoxies

-  manual dexterity, attention to detail, and ability to distinguish colours

-  product development and colour dispersions for any or all of the following applications:

  • Pigment dispersions in various plasticizers for use in plastisols and organosols.
  • Custom dispersions for use in flexible Polyurethane Foam
  • Custom dispersions for use in rigid foam applications (RIM) (such as chair arm rests, and automotive bumper/ fender systems)
  • Dispersions for use in epoxy applications such as casting, potting, coating, etc.
  • Custom colors for in-plant aqueous or solvent borne paints and stains.
  • Specialty ink applications for the printing industry

Specific Duties:

-   Assist in design and fabrication of experiments

-   Compile records and interpret experimental or analytical results

-   Prepare detailed technical reports related to paints and coatings

-   Set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests and analyses

-   Develop and conduct programs of sampling and analysis

-   Assist in set up and conduction of chemical experiments

-   Responsible for coatings and pigment preparations

-   Operate, calibrate and maintain instrumentation and equipment

Wages: salary of $52,000 annually for full-time hours of 40 hours weekly

The position is permanent and full-time.

Work Location:    333 Horner Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M8W 1Z6


By email: jobmaker@rocketmail.com or by mail to address above.