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April 4th, 2022

CFCM Interpon ACE Agriculture Construction 400A portfolio of Interpon ACE powder coatings has been developed by AkzoNobel to serve the needs of the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) sector. In addition to providing high protection and functionality, the powder coatings are also reportedly more sustainable and high-performing than other coating solutions.

The new Interpon ACE range is specifically designed to withstand the demanding environments that agricultural and construction equipment is exposed to on a daily basis: harsh weather conditions from scorching sunshine to rainstorms and freezing temperatures; chemical corrosion exposures such as motor oil or fertilizer; and everyday wear and tear such as scratching and abrasion.

The full range includes both ACE primers and ACE topcoats working in combination. To meet mechanical requirements, all of the powder coatings in the range have the adhesion, hardness, flexibility and impact resistance that meet and exceed the stringent industry standards to ensure that all of your equipment, from tractors to excavators, forklifts to bulldozers, are protected long term, and retain their appearance. This ensures the integrity and performance of the equipment today, but also helps retain its value in the re-sale market. 

Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of Powder Coatings at AkzoNobel, says that Interpon’s ACE range is a game changer: “From construction to agriculture, forestry to mining, the world of ACE machinery and equipment is complex. Our powder coatings are designed for the vehicles often pushed to the limit of their endurance. It means matching products up to your specific durability, corrosion-resistance, and color needs."

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Feature Video: DeVilbiss TEKNA Gun Flexes on Muscle Car Show

CFCM TeknaGun 400

Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ DeVilbiss TEKNA spray gun was recently featured on an episode of Detroit Muscle on Power Nation TV to bring a 1973 AMC Javelin back to life. Featuring a high finish quality and operator ergonomics, The TEKNA gun’s high transfer efficiency provides materials savings for solvent or waterbase paints.

The spray gun technology, which has been used in automotive refinishing processes for many years, is designed to spray all types of materials and comes with high efficiency or HVLP air caps that produce large spray patterns with even material distribution.


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New Digital Solution Helps Customers Bring Colours to Life

AkzoNobel 3D colour visualization tool
AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has developed a new web application 3D colour visualization tool within its Interpon webshop to help customers better understand how a powder coating’s colour, texture and finish that look good in theory, will actually appear in reality. 

The tool provides instant access to thousands of colours in the Interpon range. Using a 360-degree dynamic camera and simulated lighting, the customer is given a true-to-life image of how the colour performs to a degree of accuracy and realism not possible before in a virtual environment.  

Rather than the image being ‘flat’, the customer can orientate the ‘virtual’ panel to see how the light reflects and the colour looks from different angles.  
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