April 4th, 2022

CFCM Extreme Coatings Pro Line 400Extreme Coatings, a supplier of wear-resistant coating solutions for the plastics and rubber industries, has re-branded its CarbideX series of high-performance coatings for feedscrew applications. Now called Pro-Line, these application-specific coatings are designed to optimize the performance of injection molding and extrusion machinery.

The new tradenames further educate the market on the company’s robust offering, providing key product delivery enhancements and easier product selection for customers, according to Scott Caplan, executive vice-president, Extreme Coatings. “The rebranding allows us to better reach the markets that can benefit from our premium coatings and more clearly articulate the potential applications for our OEMs, distributors, and end users," he said.  

 The rebranded line includes WEARPRO (formerly C1000) for glass-filled, metal-filled, and other abrasive fillers for automotive and electronic applications, and MICROPRO (formerly C9000) formulations for calcium carbonate, silica, or other sub-micron particle filled resins for bottles, housewares, and sporting goods. 

Newly developed are MEDPRO coatings which target medical grade polymers for plunger/syringe barrels, intravenous devices/stints, and implants. Meanwhile, COROPRO coatings (formerly C4000) formulations are for CVP, CPVC, and halogen-free polymers for pipe, electronic devices, TV screens, and flame-resistant components. 

For extrusion applications, EXTRUPRO (formerly Fliteguard C1000) targets all applications while EXTRUPRO+ is for wood flour, calcium carbonate, talc materials for composite wood decking, or other filled resin extrusion applications. 

Extreme Coatings‘ thermal spray technology applies wear and corrosion-resistant CarbideX protective coatings made of tungsten or chromium carbide to virtually any new or repaired feedscrew. The process provides a crack- and porosity-free coating within thicknesses ranging from .004-in to .017-in per side and hardness values over 60HRc. CarbideX Proline formulations deliver like-new performance and at least two to three times longer equipment life.