May 2nd, 2022

CFCM BYK Color2viewCMYK 400Designed for the automotive, paint and plastic industries for quality control of colour, appearance and physical properties, BYK’s new color2view is a benchtop spectrophotometer that combines several different measurement methods.

The color2view uses a circumferential illumination at 45-degree and zero-degree viewing to measure colour as you see it. And this circumferential illumination from 10 directions safeguards repeatable measurement results on textured surfaces. Simultaneously with colour, 20-degree and 60-degree gloss are measured to clearly differentiate medium and high gloss samples.

This unit also features an integrated fluorimeter to predict lightfastness by quantifying fluorescence. This combination of spectrophotometer and fluorimeter lends new perspectives for controlling colour quality and long-term colour stability. And there is a Jetness Mode designed to measure deep and deepest black with high accuracy.

The colour touchscreen is icon-based and as intuitive as operating a smart-phone. And this lightweight instrument is easily rotated to adapt the orientation to one’s personal needs or sample size and shape.