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October 24, 22


BYK ShakerBYK Instruments’ exclusive distributor in Mexico prides itself on giving back to the community with their recent development of a manual paint shaker, branded the Gorilla X Gyro Paint Shaker. Sourcing the parts locally, Exacolor POS was able to give back to over 40 families by providing stability to their companies during difficult times, thus creating local jobs and a local community identity.     

"It is really important for us here at Exacolor to source locally whenever possible. We need to create something that is not only an excellent product, but whose purpose is to give back,” says Oscar Tolosa, operations director for Exacolor. With help from Armando Valero, design and production manager at Exacolor POS and others, the production strategy developed brought this idea to fruition.

But how was this accomplished? Armando explains, Exacolor on shored 95 per cent of the suppliers from Mexico and the other five per cent from the US. The suppliers consisted of 30 companies of which five were struggling, newly established micro companies that the 40 plus families were based on. These companies were not only affected by COVID but were new start-ups, had never experienced world class manufacturing or needed changes to their operational processes.

By establishing good relationships and mutual trust, Exacolor POS was able to have open book discussions, full internal process sharing, and hands on training in productivity, basic lean manufacturing, and identification and disposal of waste. They considered these five suppliers to be an extension of Exacolor POS and treated and trained the employees as their own. These factors instantly resulted in increased profitability in which their businesses thrived.

Sourcing parts locally provided job security for more than 40 families in a period of economic struggle and created new jobs. And these five companies are now authorized BYK Instruments’ Service Centers. Staff are trained on a routine basis and are equipped with the latest certified working standards and calibration/service software. Only original parts are used for repair to guarantee high quality service on a global basis. 

The Gorilla X Gyro Shaker, distributed by Paul N. Gardner USA, is simple and easy to load and will handle five gallon, one gallon, one quart, one pint and half pint paint cans.

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CFCM GFSSurvey 400

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New Bacharach Sling Psychrometer

CFCM slingpsychrometer 400Paul N. Gardner USA, global distributors, producers, and designers of quality physical and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings, and related industries, has introduced a new offering: The compact, portable Sling Psychrometer.

As an easy way to measure relative humidity levels quickly, this uniquely compact Bacharach Sling Psychrometer accurately determines per cent relative humidity without the necessity of consulting complex tables. There is no need to wet the wick each time a reading is taken, and it contains a slide rule calculator which correlates wet and dry bulb thermometer indications for direct reading of relative humidity. When not in use, the thermometer case telescopes into the handle for protection.

The Sling Psychrometer consists of two thermometers that are turned by vigorously swinging the handle and exposing the thermometers to rapid air movement. These two thermometers are called dry bulb and wet bulb. The bulb of one thermometer is placed in direct contact with the room air to measure dry-bulb air temperature. The bulb of the other thermometer is covered with a silk or muslin sleeve that is kept moist to record the wet bulb temperature. Evaporation cools the wet bulb more than the dry bulb, and the humidity is obtained as a function of change in temperature. The atmospheric humidity is determined by calculations, steam tables, or using a psychrometric chart.  

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