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CFCM Axalta Logo 2022 Axalta announced the launch of Imron Industrial Ultra 2.8 VOC Topcoat, an enhanced urethane topcoat to support the agriculture, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE) market segments.


CFCM Evonik Logo 2022 Evonik’s new product, ELATUR DINCD, a cyclohexanoate, is characterized by a combination of many sought-after properties, such as low-temperature flexibility and high UV resistance; thus, contributing significantly to the weather resistance and durability of the products made from it.


CFCM Polychem Gold Standard Collection Polychem Powder Coatings launched The Gold Standard colour collection. The Gold Standard is a selection of shades of gold that also deliver tough, durable protection to metal surfaces.


CFCM Behr Sunwashed Brick Behr’s February colour of the month is Sunwashed Brick: a nuanced pink with soft charm. Sunwashed Brick has a slightly dusty undertone and is versatile enough to work well with other neutral colours.


CFCM PPG Envirobase ECP35 PPG announced the launch of PPG ENVIROBASE ECP35 2.1 VOC High Production Surfacer for the U.S. and Canadian automotive refinish markets.


CFCM Archroma Logo 2022 Archroma announced the launch of EARTH SOFT, a new softening system for textile and fashion applications based on Siligen EH1, a vegan silicone softener with 35% plant-based active content.


CFCM Tuball 822 OSCiAl OCSiAl has launched a new graphene nanotube concentrate for PA, filled PPS, ABS, TPU, and PC. The new product provides targeted conductivity in thermoplastics produced by injection moulding at working loadings starting from 0.1 wt. percent of nanotubes in the final system.


CFCM IGL Coatings Eco Aegis Malaysian technology firm IGL Coatings recently announced the launch of its clear graphene reinforced anticorrosion coating. Ecoclear Aegis consists of epoxy resin, silicone resin, silane and graphene in a “one of a kind” system.


CFCM Behr Whisper White January offers a season for reflection and winding down from the holiday season. Behr paint colour Whisper White HDC-MD-08 reminds us of clean billows of fresh snow and the quiet, reflective nature the snow imparts.


CFCM Taylor Signature Line Products Taylor Adhesives is adding two new specialty products to its Signature Line for 2022. Elevate and Gravity are two new roller-applied wall adhesives with unique features to assist in installation processes.


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Feature Video: DeVilbiss TEKNA Gun Flexes on Muscle Car Show

CFCM TeknaGun 400

Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ DeVilbiss TEKNA spray gun was recently featured on an episode of Detroit Muscle on Power Nation TV to bring a 1973 AMC Javelin back to life. Featuring a high finish quality and operator ergonomics, The TEKNA gun’s high transfer efficiency provides materials savings for solvent or waterbase paints.

The spray gun technology, which has been used in automotive refinishing processes for many years, is designed to spray all types of materials and comes with high efficiency or HVLP air caps that produce large spray patterns with even material distribution.


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New Bacharach Sling Psychrometer

CFCM slingpsychrometer 400Paul N. Gardner USA, global distributors, producers, and designers of quality physical and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings, and related industries, has introduced a new offering: The compact, portable Sling Psychrometer.

As an easy way to measure relative humidity levels quickly, this uniquely compact Bacharach Sling Psychrometer accurately determines per cent relative humidity without the necessity of consulting complex tables. There is no need to wet the wick each time a reading is taken, and it contains a slide rule calculator which correlates wet and dry bulb thermometer indications for direct reading of relative humidity. When not in use, the thermometer case telescopes into the handle for protection.

The Sling Psychrometer consists of two thermometers that are turned by vigorously swinging the handle and exposing the thermometers to rapid air movement. These two thermometers are called dry bulb and wet bulb. The bulb of one thermometer is placed in direct contact with the room air to measure dry-bulb air temperature. The bulb of the other thermometer is covered with a silk or muslin sleeve that is kept moist to record the wet bulb temperature. Evaporation cools the wet bulb more than the dry bulb, and the humidity is obtained as a function of change in temperature. The atmospheric humidity is determined by calculations, steam tables, or using a psychrometric chart.  

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